Yet another reason to stop ‘super union’ merger before it’s too late

Yet another reason to stop ‘super union’ merger before it’s too late

Illegal strike action on Victorian ports is yet another reason why Parliament must change the law to ensure the ‘super union’ arising from the proposed merger of the CFMEU and MUA is properly scrutinized.

Reports that the MUA is blockading the International Container Terminal in defiance of court orders, with the support of the CFMEU, demonstrates exactly why the proposed merger should not proceed.

The picket is operating in direct contravention of the Supreme Court of Victoria which has ordered that the action should stop, and has put $100 million of worth of trade into jeopardy. The action is stopping containers that will no doubt be filled with the things that families need for Christmas

It has been reported that CFMEU leaders have addressed the picket and encouraged them to continue breaking the law by stating “You ought to be congratulated for defying these f***ers” and “We will continue to win … they’re f***ing rats.”

If this is illustrative of the contempt the CFMEU and MUA have for the law and broader community now, one can only imagine how they will act if the merger is approved.

Master Builders continues to urge the Government to pass these much-needed changes to the law, including that such mergers be in the public interest, as a matter of urgency.

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