Picnic Day

Picnic Day

Members are reminded that for those covered by Industry EBA 2011-2015 or the CFMEU Pattern EBA 2016-2018, this year’s Picnic Day falls on 5 December (12 December for those within 25km area from Mildura). Employees who would have otherwise worked on 5 December (or 12 December as applicable) are entitled to take this day as picnic day without deduction of pay – provided that:

• Any employee required to work shall be paid in accordance with public holiday rates at double time and a half – with a minimum payment of 4 hours (Note: travel, site and first aid allowance are not payable for this day unless an employee actually works);

• The employer may require from an employee evidence of his/her attendance at the picnic (e.g. production of the butt of a ticket) – with no payment requirement where such requested evidence is not produced. Master Builders recommends employers communicate to employees ahead of time on whether such evidence is required; and

• Where the Company holds a regular picnic for his/her employees on some other working day during the year such day may be given (and taken) in lieu of the Picnic Day.

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