McBurney returns to head ABCC

McBurney returns to head ABCC

Master Builders welcomes the appointment of Mr Stephen McBurney as the Commissioner of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC). Mr McBurney will begin a five-year term on 6 February 2018. The appointment of a permanent Commissioner provides a welcome boost to industry confidence as we commence 2018.

Members may recall that Mr McBurney was formerly an Assistant Commissioner at the ABCC from 2006 to 2008, where he had responsibility for litigation and implementation of compliance powers – and was also one of the AFL’s most experienced and highly regarded umpires. For the last 9 years, Mr McBurney has been at the Office of Chief Examiner, and was appointed Chief Examiner in October 2015. The office was created by the Victorian Major Crime (Investigative Powers Act) 2004, to assist Victoria Police in the investigation of organised crime through the use of coercive powers.

Master Builders would also like to acknowledge and thank Ms Cathy Cato who has been Acting Commissioner of the ABCC, in particular for her tireless work during a period of change involving the Building Code 2016, enabling the ABCC to remain effective and continue to bring about positive cultural change.

Master Builders looks forward to working with Mr McBurney to ensure the rule of law in the building and construction industry is maintained – and that industry participants who refuse to play by the rules are held to account for their unlawful actions.

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