EBA Update: CFMEU propaganda continues

EBA Update: CFMEU propaganda continues

The CFMEU has recently put out information to its membership, implying that those who are not covered by the new CFMEU Pattern EBA have ‘no protection’. In an embarrassingly dishonest attempt to rally the troops, the CFMEU then lists a number of entitlements that are clearly provided for those covered by the extant Industry EBA 2011-2015, with a number on their list also covered under the Building and Construction General Award 2010 (which applies as a default to those employees on the tools who are not covered by an EBA).

The reality is that the CFMEU has had to resort to such tactics for the same reason a number of the major builders who signed the deal have had to resort to pressuring their subcontractors – the majority of industry participants recognise that their best interests are not served by an EBA that delivers an unsustainable outcome that puts future work at risk for both employers and employees.

Master Builders continues to encourage members to set the record straight in their discussions with their employees, particularly in regard to the attendant risk of signing onto an EBA that is not compliant with the proposed Building Code 2014. Master Builders is encouraged by the growing number of employees in the industry who are seeing through the CFMEU propaganda on the issue of ‘code compliance’ and realising that the CFMEU’s current position is putting its misguided ideology ahead of the best interests of its membership.

Master Builders reminds members holding the extant Industry EBA 2011-2015 (and who entered into it prior to 24 April 2014) that they remain compliant with both the current Building Code 2013 and the proposed Building Code 2014.

Master Builders encourages members seeking further information to contact IR Department on (03) 9411 4560.

Site Allowance increase

In accordance with Appendix C of Industry EBA 2011-2015, site allowances and project values are to be adjusted by 1.6 per cent (all groups, Melbourne CPI for preceding July to June period) commencing from 1 October 2016. This applies to employees covered by the above Agreement. Members can access a copy of the updated site allowance rates payable from 1 October 2016 here. Employers should note that different site allowance rates apply in relation to employees covered by the CFMEU/Breakaway Group EBA in regard to projects valued over $461.5 million.

Members seeking further information should contact the IR Department on (03) 9411 4560.

Incolink contribution increase

Members whose employees are covered by the terms of Industry EBA 2011-2015 are advised that from 1 October, and in accordance with Trust Deed of Incolink Number 1 Fund, the redundancy contribution rate will increase from $75.30 to $76.35 per week (inclusive of GST). In addition, from 1 October the income protection and trauma (IPT) premium will increase for the first time in over 10 years from $17.05 to $19.05 per week.

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