CFMEU Mass Meeting – 25 May 2016

CFMEU Mass Meeting – 25 May 2016

CFMEU Mass Meeting – 25 May 2016

As members may be aware, the CFMEU have organized a mass meeting for 10am on Wednesday 25 May at Festival Hall. The purported purpose of the meeting is to provide CFMEU members with an update on their EBA negotiations with a group of contractors.

Master Builders advises that there is no requirement for employers to allow their employees to attend this meeting. This is particularly the case for the vast majority of contractors in the industry, who are not a party to the negotiations. The meeting is therefore no different to any other union rally.

Accordingly, members are advised to keep records of any employee absences as the payment of employees who attend the rally without consent from the employer can lead to fines for employers of up to $54,000.

Employees who withdrew their labour to attend the rally without authorization from their employer cannot be paid wages:

  • for a minimum of four hours if they withdraw their labour for up to four hours; or
  • if withdrawn for greater than four hours, the amount of time that labour is withdrawn.


Role of the FWBC

The industry regulator, Fair Work Building and Construction (FWBC), has the ability to prosecute where strike pay is provided, with fines of up to $54,000 for employers or unions involved in paying or demanding strike pay and fines of up $10,800 for individuals receiving or demanding strike pay.

In addition, building and construction industry workers who attend the rally without their employer’s consent could face penalties of up to $10,800 if they are found to have breached the Fair Work Act 2009.

Members seeking further advice should contact the IR Department on 9411 4560 and/or the FWBC on 1800 003 338.

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